Collection: Aurifil


A natural and hypoallergenic fiber, cotton remains the undisputed star of the textile industry. By guaranteeing the health and protection of the epidermis, it can be used on any item - even on clothing intended for babies, for example. In this regard, Aurifil cotton yarns do not contain products harmful to health, in accordance with Oeko-tex standard 100.


Cotton ensures the quality and durability of sewing projects. When sewing cotton fabrics, it is essential to use high quality cotton threads, in order to guarantee the harmony of the whole. Cotton spools are also used to accompany linen, veil, lingerie and satin (which polyester tends to damage). Aurifil has developed a wide range of spools of different thicknesses: from the most resistant to the most delicate, these threads are capable of adapting to all types of creations. The Forty3 was notably developed to withstand the fastest modern machines.


Low lint, Aurifil cotton does not damage sewing machines. It therefore offers valuable savings in time and money, since the machines have to be cleaned and repaired less often. Made using Mako Egyptian cotton long staples, Aurifil threads are embraced by an international community of creatives, designers and professionals. Respecting the highest industry standards, they are the result of extensive research. Thanks to the range of colors and the quality of its yarns, Aurifil has become a reference for the largest fabric manufacturers.