Who am I

Like all women these days, I wear several hats: I am a mother, wife, doctor, YouTuber, patchworker…

It all started at the age of 6 when my family decided it was time for me to learn sewing. On my father's side (who had 8 siblings), most were professional tailors. So, here I am at my aunts' house, every Sunday, to help them with their work. I had minor tasks, given my young age, but they still gave me responsibilities: I was already sewing the hems of dresses for their clients and the finish had to be perfect!

I didn't follow this path for my career, I chose medicine, but sewing and crafts have always been a part of my life. I need to create like I need air to breathe!

Patchwork was added later, around the age of 39, when I saw American tutorials on YouTube. It was a revelation! A whole world opened up to me and I fell irremediably in love with this art. Immediately, I made another observation: too few specialized stores in France, or even in Europe, at least at the time. The difficulties encountered in sourcing beautiful designer fabrics forced me to take a step forward and the “Licence To Quilt” store was born. It was born for me, for and through my passion, but also to benefit other enthusiasts who have become my clients and friends. I find them on my Facebook group where they can show their creations.

I also created a YouTube channel which allows me to share my passion by giving all the possible techniques and tips in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible, in French.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to my YouTube channel or my Facebook or Instagram pages to follow my progress and ask for advice.

Above all, come visit the “Licence To Quilt” store, it is created in my image, in accordance with my personality and my creative spirit.

Enter my world, the door is wide open to you!